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Equality Together Voice and Influence Staff

  • Project manager Neal Heard
  • Project worker Sandra Brown
  • Project worker Rozeena Firdose
  • Administration Yolande Brown

Equality Together Trustees

The trustees for Equality Together are drawn from representatives from the boards of Disability Services Ltd, CONTACT Peer Support and BACC, the 3 organisations that  merged together to create the new organisation. 3 other trustees were elected at a special meeting held in June 2015. Over 50% of our trustees are disabled people, creating a new disabled people led organisation for the Bradford district and beyond.

Members of the Management Committee/Trustee Board:

  • Gill Bowskill (Chair)
  • Peter Kay (Trustee)
  • Lyn Asquith (Treasurer)
  • Kathryn Smith (Trustee)
  • Nick Farrar (Trustee)
  • Linda Hanson (Trustee)
  • Emmerson Walgrove (Trustee)
  • Matthew Ward (Trustee)
  • Kath Wooler (Trustee)

Equality Together Voice and Influence volunteers

Many people support us by helping us in many different ways including contributing to our website and newsletters, helping to organise and participating in open meetings and events. However We would like to acknowledge our regular volunteers who contribute to the work of Equality Together Voice and Influence every week.

Emmerson Walgrove information and administration, Paul Deary information and administration